A Few Basic Sex Toy Tips

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It is very important that you care for your sex toys and use them safely.  To that end we’ve compiled some simple sex toy care and sex toy safety tips.
  • Always use the lubricant recommended by the sex toy manufacturer. For most sex toys, a water-based lubricant is best.  A silicone based lubricant will be the worst.  Silicone lubes can damage sex toys.
  • Clean your sex toy after every use with a sex toy safe cleanser and store it when dry.
  • Do not share your sex toys with a non-monogamous partner.  We don’t generally recommend sharing sex toys unless you are in trusting relationship.  That said, we always recommend people bring their own sex toys to encounters!  🙂
  • Some sex toys can be used safely with a condom. Others are designed to give you the most pleasure without one. It is best simply not to share your sex toy. It is the one thing you can be selfish with.
  • Only use your sex toy where it is designed to be used. You can purchase dildos and sex toys that are designed by the manufacturer for either anal or vaginal play. It is important that you do not cross locations with these toys. Anything that you use for anal play should not be used anywhere else. Even glass toys can have imperfections that may harbor bacteria, no matter how thoroughly you clean them. You do not want to risk a serious vaginal or bladder infection.
Most of all enjoy yourself. The whole reason that you are considering a sex toy is to indulge. These wonderful creations will offer you so much pleasure.
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