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Beginner’s Guide to Sex Lube

Sex lubes have without a doubt proven to be a life saver for many people.  If you don’t use sex lube, try it out.  It will be one of the best decision you have ever made.

Sex lubes are common place and used on a daily basis. Many people have made it a healthy habit to use sex lubricants whenever they are having sex. Not that they don’t ‘get wet’, but because sex lubricants make it incredibly easy to slide in and out without friction of abrasion.

If you love to pleasure yourself and haven’t used sex lubricants, then take it from a person that knows everything there is to know about lube, it’s a feeling you need to experience.  Lathering your hand or fingers up and getting yourself off is next-level.

For most people, sex lubricants serve an even greater purpose when using sex toys. Now imagine this for a second. All of the sex toys that you have had the pleasure of seeing courtesy of PleasureCartel.Com, and now getting the chance to use them all alongside the best sex lubricants. Classic I know!

Most sex lubricants look amazing, and there are A TON available, so how do you know how to choose the right lubricant?

Do not panic.  You are at the right sex toy store. Below are all available classifications of lubricants and everything you need to know about the different types.

Silicone Sex Lubes

If you want a sex lubricant  that will last,  then a silicone sex  lubricantmight be for you.  They are pretty old school and a more hard core lubricant.  You will see many silicone anal lubes. 

For most people, the thought of having to keep applying a lubricant every now and then is irritating and if by any chance, you happen to fall under the same classification, then worry not. You will be able to apply silicone lubricants once with out many re-applications. 

If you have a thing for anal toys then this lubricant is a great pick for you since it is very slippery.   However – DO NOT use silicone lube with silicone based toys.   They do not play well together – silicone lube will make your toy age quicker.   Here is a selection of fun silicone sex lubes.

Organic and Natural Sex Lubes

Whether you’re using lubricants for sex, or with toys, one common worry is that of exposing your body to harmful chemicals.  The fact that the lubricant will come into contact with body parts as sensitive as you anus or vagina is enough cause for alarm.

The solution is an organic or natural lube.  These are generally safer, less prone to irriate your skin and are often branded as safe and organic.

There are many sex lubes that fall under the organic classification.  We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites here. 

The big thing to remember when getting lube is to avoid any sex lubricant with parabens, glycerin and / or petroleum.   Here are some natural lubes that have none of those things!

Oil Based Sex Lubes

Oil based lubes work good for external massage and male masturbation.  

Oil base lubes are not for everyone.  They feel amazing but can cause infections if used internally.   

If you are looking for a lubricant to use on body massage, however, then this lubricant spells out magic. So I guess it does come in handy just not in the ways I would want it to.  Here are some oil based lubes.

Water Based Sex Lube

Now if you are a believer of saving the best for last then best believe it does not get any better than water based sex lubes! Hope you smile when reading this because I sure did when writing this for you.

If you want no hustle when dealing with a lubricant then look no further. It does not even matter whether or not you have sensitive skin. Water based lubes are as safe as they get.

Water based lubes are  not only compatible with all types of toys and diaphragms, but also condoms. With all that I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having to apply it a few times as the only fault is has is that it dries faster compared to other sex lubricants. But ultimately, water based lube is my personal favorite.   Enjoy these wonderful water based lubes.