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Guide to Sex Toy Materials

What are the different kind of sex toy materials?

We’ve all been there; the, “how the hell do I choose the right sex toy” moment. Whether we’re shopping online or physically in a specialty store, the options can often feel overwhelming, or even worse, underwhelming once you get your new pleasure pal home.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick, effective, “low down for your down-lows,” which discusses some of the most popular sex toy materials out there. Let me guide you through what should be a fun, exciting process: Buying the right sex toy for YOU!

Sex Toy Materials: Cyberskin

Cyberskin is one of the most innovative sex toy materials on the market today. What makes it stand above the crowd is it’s impressively realistic feel. This company offers an extremely wide variety of toys which all posses this one-of-a-kind, life-like, velvety texture.

Cyberskin even offers toys made from molds of real porn stars. If you’re looking to take your fantasy one step closer to reality, this is the material for you.

This astounding invention is as perfect as you can get when it comes to skin replicating technology and it’s been made even more supple and resilient over the years. In addition to its’ incredible internal and external texture, CyberSkin bears a dual density core designed to simulate the same firmness that a real live body would. It’s a bit like a bone structure in that it allows the flesh to shift ever so slightly like real skin does when pressed, squeezed, manhandled and thrust against.

CyberSkin opened the door for others to make similar types of material but make no mistake, CyberSkin is still the leading producer of lifelike material and it offers the best the market has to offer and after many years it’s still the favorite among many toy producers and designers. So much so that there’s nearly every kind of sex toy known to man available in CyberSkin, from dongs and dildos, life sized masturbators in male, female and transsexual forms, love dolls, pocket pals, portable devices, components in enhancement tools such as penis pumps and the like, sheaths and coverings and options for all manner of toys that benefit from a softer touch.

Our collection here on this page covers the solid CyberSkin options we offer. These are not the coated toys or sheaths; these are the big guns, full CyberSkin toys with sometimes impressive weights and always mind bending sensations. Much of these toys are replicas of actual adult film stars, both male and female and those that are not are still molded from the parts of real people so even if it’s not attributed to a name you know its most certainly designed and detailed carefully and impeccably.

CyberSkin products are also hand painted and fully detailed to give you not only an incredible feel but a beautiful sight to behold as well. Made to help you experience full fantasy immersion these toys are the best of the best and fan favorites all around.

An important thing to note is that due to the nature of this type of material CyberSkin must always be used with water based lubrication. Any other type will destroy the tissue and make the toy unusable.

Though a little bit more work is required to take the best care of CyberSkin it is absolutely worth it. Especially if you have sensitive skin since this material is made to be gentle to you and is always latex and phthalate free. And when you are done using the toy and cleaning it with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser or soap there is a great way to ensure all of the dirt and dust is gone while simultaneously returning the skin back to its’ original lifelike glory; use CyberSkin Renew or even corn starch, powder the toys down lightly and watch it transform from its freshly cleaned and dried tacky feel to the astounding texture that CyberSkin is known for. It’s the best of the best here and you’re in for a real treat!

Sex Toy Materials: FantaFlesh

Pipedream’s products are some of the most premiere, luxury sex toys on the market and they have been making some of the sexiest dreams come true for years. This company has created another CyberSkin successor in the form of their very own, patented FantaFlesh material.

Wonderfully tantalizing, supple and impressive in its design and construction, FantaFlesh sex toys are great sellers and offer long lasting pleasure in a great array of skin tones and sexual positions available.

There are very few differences between this material and the original that inspired it but the focus here is physical aesthetic as these toys bear some of the most detailed and ripped forms. If you’re seeking a man with rock hard abs and a raging member then FantaFlesh has the man for you. If you’re leaning more toward the female persuasion then Pipedreams has you covered as well with firm and fit female torso dolls in solid FantaFlesh that offers its own dual density type core in a firmer material so it’s more likely to withstand more attention and your toy will likely last a little longer than some of the other lifelike toys you may be accustomed to.

There is quite a wide variety of toys with a focus on that amazing, toned and healthy torso-style that makes these masturbators so desirable and delectable as well as a large number of realistic body part sex toys, some of which are molded from actors and actresses in the adult film business. Pipedreams with their sensuous FantaFlesh material also make a fantastic line of blow up sex dolls and they have very recently ventured into the robotic blowjob arena, taking advantage of some of the newest sex toy technology available.

As with other lifelike materials FantaFlesh is latex and phthalate free but also requires a bit more TLC than say a solid silicone toy in that they need to be used with only water based lubricants, washed with gentle soaps or cleansers, patted down to dry and have their texture renewed with corn starch or a suitable equivalent as an external powder to remove the slightly tacky feel that is the result of a proper, flesh simulating material, clean.

If you’re really into luxury sex toys or out there looking for what’s hot on the market right now then you need wander further, for Pipedream Products has something for each of you. Their reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction makes them a frequent high seller and we’re certain you’ll find something incredible from our amazing Pipedream Products selection.

Sex Toy Materials: Silicone

Silicone is a synthetic polymer which when put into a mold, is used to make toys in a plethora of shapes. What’s most unique abut it is that it also comes in a wide range of what we call “squish factor.”

Silicone toys can be pliable and soft or “rock hard” and unbend-able (single or dual-density) depending on your personal preference. It’s one of the best options for anyone with allergies as it’s medical-grade, non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-free and above all non-toxic.

Sex Toy Materials: PVC, Vinyl

Vinyl, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC, is one of the world’s most widely used and researched plastics. It is flexible, yet durable, and can come in a myriad of textures.

According to my research, despite what some have recently speculated about the material, it is extremely safe to use, even on your most sensitive areas. It’s also a more environmentally sustainable polymer than most of its competitors, as it requires much less natural gas and oil to produce.

Sex Toy Materials: SexFlesh

SexFlesh is yet another “as feels in real life” material that comes in every shape and form you can imagine. It’s smooth, it’s silky, and it’s slightly less expensive than others like it. Also, it’s easy to clean. In other words, Sex Flesh is bound to put you, and your wallet, at ease.

One important thing to note is that porous materials, like those kinds that are specifically flesh replicating substances, can get dirty relatively easy and although they feel phenomenal they require a bit of extra care to ensure they can continue to serve you properly and live out their usefulness in good health and suppleness of texture.
This means that anything that is meant to feel just like real skin must be used with only water based lubricants and to ensure they return to their original silky glory need to be powdered down with corn starch or some other form of renewing type powder, massaging away the tiny particles of dust and dirt that may have been overlooked or were too small to really notice once the toy has been properly cleaned and dried.

Sex Toy Basics

It is very important that you care for your sex toys and use them safely.  To that end we’ve compiled some simple sex toy care and sex toy safety tips.
  • Always use the lubricant recommended by the sex toy manufacturer. For most sex toys, a water-based lubricant is best.  A silicone based lubricant will be the worst.  Silicone lubes can damage sex toys.
  • Clean your sex toy after every use with a sex toy safe cleanser and store it when dry.
  • Do not share your sex toys with a non-monogamous partner.  We don’t generally recommend sharing sex toys unless you are in trusting relationship.  That said, we always recommend people bring their own sex toys to encounters!  🙂
  • Some sex toys can be used safely with a condom. Others are designed to give you the most pleasure without one. It is best simply not to share your sex toy. It is the one thing you can be selfish with.
  • Only use your sex toy where it is designed to be used. You can purchase dildos and sex toys that are designed by the manufacturer for either anal or vaginal play. It is important that you do not cross locations with these toys. Anything that you use for anal play should not be used anywhere else. Even glass toys can have imperfections that may harbor bacteria, no matter how thoroughly you clean them. You do not want to risk a serious vaginal or bladder infection.
Most of all enjoy yourself. The whole reason that you are considering a sex toy is to indulge. These wonderful creations will offer you so much pleasure.
Simply open yourself and explore