Sexual Lubricant Guide

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Not all lubes are created equally.

The selection of lubricants we’ve gathered for you here have all been carefully chosen and include only the most highly rated, best-selling lubes on the market. These are the personal lubricants that have been featured in bedrooms and dungeons all over the globe and have come out on top. . .and sometimes on bottom!

And with thousands of contenders, the results for most loved gentleman lubes are in! Yet despite only the best of the best being showcased here, the selection is rather sizable. In fact, there’s still a veritable sea of slick to fare when searching for the most ideal slip and grip. Though knowing what you’d most like to do with your lube is a great place to start!

Water Based Sex Lubes

Now, without further adieu, here is a quick rundown of the 3 main types of lubes and what you can expect to find here.

Lots of things can contribute to your specific needs and there are some key points that are particularly important to keep in mind when choosing what type of sex lube to use.

Odd as it may initially sound, you can choose to use a condom either with or without a partner.  Using a condom by yourself when masturbating can add fun sensations and reduce your clean-up time.

Water-based lubes are safe for condom use and for use with any kind, type and material of sex toy.

Silicone Sex Lubes

Silicone lubes have always been the standard go-to lubricant for anal play across all gender lines and combinations.

Though they require a soap or toy cleanser wash to remove (and can stain bedding and clothing), silicone lubes pass all the other play tests with flying colors. Silicone lubes will remain slick, even underwater, and they will maintain their  smoothness for more extended periods than any other personal lube out there.

Silicone-based lubes are also safe to use with condoms and most sex toys – given that those toys are not comprised of silicone. Unfortunately as the two silicone bases meet, they will quickly bond and then shortly thereafter begin to dissolve, completely degrading the toy or condom and rendering it unusable.

If you’re going to use any silicone or tpe sex toy, or are going to use a condom – we recommend water based-lube.

Though there’s no shortage of sleek designs in the silicone lube category, there are several other lubricants on this site that also add a little extra oomph on top of all that slippin’ ‘n slidin’ with some sensation spikers!

Cooling, warming, tingling or even a mix of sensations, you’ll find a wide variety here.

Oil Based Lube

Another popular lubricant base in this category is oil based lubricants, which often see the best results when used for masturbation, as it leaves a more natural tug to the skin that can easily enhance jacking sessions and become the only lube you reach for when you’re going for the stroke.

Bear in mind, though, that any personal lubricant that’s oil-based, this includes cooking oils, will eat right through any condom on the market within a matter of a few minutes. Placing you and potentially another human being in a situation where their’s, and your, health can be swiftly put in jeopardy before there’s time to correct the conundrum.

Anal Lubes

Anyone who has had at least one anal experience can attest that a good anal lube is important to an enjoyable excursion – especially for beginning backdoor explorers.

Always completely safe for anal use and fully non toxic, anal lubes also have a slightly thicker consistency and remain slicker longer than standard lubes.

Anal Desensitizers

In addition to the extra slick lubes and sensation enhancers, we offer a goodly selection of desensitizing lubricants and each one is a hot-seller! Be advised, however, that using desensitizing lubricants should be done in moderation, utilizing only the smallest amount needed to get you relaxed enough for your main event.

Keep in mind, for your health and/or the health of your partner, remember that pain is the body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Anal play should not be the kind of play that causes pain to either giver or receiver. Even what most would consider “rough” play will not injure or cause pain to you – or your partner’s, when applicable – parts when adequately “warmed up”.

Now, venture forth into your next bedroom and remember that slow and steady wins the race, so pace yourself, find your slick center here and as always, be most kindly to your hiney!