Masturbators and strokers are the defacto men’s sex toys.  They are for men what vibrators and dildos are for women.  Every man should have one!

Strokers are modeled after vaginas, anuses and mouths.   They are also called pocket pussies, Fleshlights, artificial vaginas, etc..   They are meant to be held in your hand and are meant to be thrust into while you hold them.     Strokers are usually not that expensive (under $100), and are a lot of fun.  We recommend them to all guys.   They make great gifts for that special someone, and are just fun to play with.

Marsturbators are also modeled after body parts, but are usually a little bigger and more complex then simple strokers.    There are a lot of different kinds.   You can find masturbator sex toys molded after breasts, vaginas, asses, legs, feet, hands and more.

While traditionally masturbators have been based on female body parts, we’ve seen a lot more variety over the past few years with hermaphrodite and male versions coming out.  We think, the more variety the better!

While masturbators and strokers come in many shapes and sizes, all of them will increase the level of pleasure you receive from getting yourself off. They are much, much better than anything your hand alone can provide.  If you’re looking for a good men’s sex toy, a solid masturbator or stroker is the place to look.