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Men’s sex toys are amazing these days.   Men have as many, if not more options available when it comes to buying sex toys.   There are men’s sex toys to titillate every part of the male body.   We carry a huge variety of men’s sex toys at Pleasure Cartel. You can find toys for every taste and in every style. 

Enjoy browsing this awesome – and current! – collection of the hottest men’s sex toys.  Be sure to check back, or look in our NEW SEX TOY SECTION, because we are adding new men’s sex toys all the time.   

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CATEGORIES | Simple, Affordable Men's Sex Toys to Get The Job Done - They Feel GREAT!

  • Strokers - Men's Sex Toys

    Strokers - Men's Sex Toys (80)

    Strokers are basic, awesome, men’s sex toys. They feel much better than your hand and are a great casual sex toy to use in masturbation or with a partner. New men's sex toy materials like Cyberskin, SexFlesh, FantaFlesh and Ultraskyn have allowed sex toy makers to not only make some of the most hyper-realistic strokers the world has ever seen,…
  • Porn Star Strokers

    Porn Star Strokers (25)

    Ever wanted to know what it was like to slip in to a wet Heather Vandeven’s soft lady parts or be devoured by a deep throat queen like Sasha Grey? Well instead of pining away at your television you can bring these lust filled ladies home to you without the fear of competition or whether or not you’ve had a shower…
  • Lifelike Pussy Strokers

    Lifelike Pussy Strokers (33)

    Lifelike strokers - also called pocket pussies or Fleshlights - come in many different shapes and sizes - from pornstar pussies designed around realistic molds of their privates to the hottest, full size gay rear ends. For men - both gay and straight - there's not much better than a masturbator or stroker. They are MUCH better than your hand…

CATEGORIES | Anal Toys, Anal Lube & Prostate Massagers

  • Vibrating Butt Plugs

    Vibrating Butt Plugs (25)

    When someone tells you that you should know where to stuff it, seeing as how you’ve found yourself on this page, we’re pretty sure you where that place might be located. But…the plugs listed here are not a random list of all the plugs on the market and tossed them haphazardly onto our website like so many other online sellers.…
  • Prostate Stimulators

    Prostate Stimulators (68)

    Those who have tried playing with prostate sex toys know that  stimulating the prostate can lead to extremely intense male orgasms. Those who haven’t tried, definitely should! It will change your sex life forever! Not only that, but some studies show that stimulating the prostate with sex toys is actually beneficial to prostate health. Win win!
  • Butt Plugs, Anal Plugs

    Butt Plugs, Anal Plugs (329)

    If you have never used a butt plug, or anal plug, we can't recommend it enough. It's an amazing sensation when you're getting off, or just sitting around. When purchasing a butt plug we recommend starting small, or getting an Anal Kit with different size plugs in it so you can see what you like. It's not about using the…
  • Anal Sex Toys

    Anal Sex Toys (678)

    For those un-initiated into the world of anal sex toys, let us be the first to welcome you.  If you’ve never used a butt plug – we recommend ordering one immediately. Start small, or get a set of anal toys with a number of different sizes and shapes - that way, you'll have options depending on how bold you are…
  • Anal Kits & Combos

    Anal Kits & Combos (56)

    Here you will find all items that are specially designed and adapted for backdoor adventures on this category page right here. Unlike the section specifically for anal plugs, this page has everything anal related from anal toys, plugs, prostate stimulators and so much more. For those with a love or fondness for backdoor games this is the category you wish…
  • Anal Beads & Balls

    Anal Beads & Balls (46)

    The anus as erogenous zone is as old as sex itself. Anal beads work in a number of different ways, but our favorite is putting them in when you're getting off, and slowly pulling them out as you cum. . . AMAZING. Just remember to use lot's of lube. Regardless of whether you're an anal toy newbie or a seasoned…

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