New Nipple Clamp Collection Video

From the Pleasure Cartel Sex Toy Blog!

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We’re starting to make videos on our Youtube channel again! Exciting! We did for a while, but then got caught up in other things. We’re trying to pic out the best software to use. We made this video on Windows Movie Maker HD – or some such. We had a bunch of nipple clamp images sitting around and through we’d use them to create this slideshow.

We are probably going to need something a bit more robust in the future. We have A LOT of sex toys to highlight on this site and need something that will let us have a lot of fun.

Regardless, enjoy this short little video that features a BUNCH of nipple clamps. Some of our favorite sex toys. Enjoy the dubstep soundtrack and be sure to check back for more fun videos! We have a bunch in the works!

Short Nipple Clamp Collection Video

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