Beginner’s Guide to Oral Sex

While the clitoris is the sexual hub of the universe for many women, it usually requires a bit of preparation to get aroused for digital or oral manipulation.

Teasing and gentle petting is a great way to start stimulating the clitoris. You may wish to start out gently kissing her inner thighs, and continue your explorations from there.

Licking and nibbling the other surfaces of the pussy is adored by many women. Go slowly and think fun. Since it’s hard to have a verbal conversation when you are eating pussy, you can refer to her body language, whimpers and moans, etc. for feedback.

Direct clitoral stimulation is divine for some, and others prefer indirect stimulation of the clitoris, while others enjoy having the clitoris sucked. Indirect clitoral stimulation can be achieved by stroking your tongue through the channels on either side of the clitoral hood and applying pressure to the clit through the hood.

Many women love a combination of all of these techniques, and other techniques that are uniquely yours. Afterward, ask for feedback and listen to her responses if you want to be the greatest lover in her world.

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