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b-Vibe Sex Toys

b-Vibe Sex Toys

Category: b-Vibe Sex Toys

We love b-Vibe butt plugs and anal toys for so many reasons.  They are high quality, well designed, feel amazing, work well, and are an amazing accompaniment to any orgasm.  They are great for solo, couple and group play and are fun for all genders.

We love that they are “technologically advanced” sex toys.  b-Vibe butt plugs and anal toys have all the bells and whistles.  They have wireless remotes, powerful motors and are made of high quality silicone.  They are also USB chargeable- you can charge them on your laptop!

We’re big fans of b-Vibes line of little butt plugs and high-end anal toys.

All that said. . . b-Vine anal toys are not cheap.  But when you read about them, you’ll see why.  They are really ‘Best in Class’ anal toys and have won many awards.

Like all anal toys, our advice  when using B-Vibe anal toys is simple: go slow, start small, and use lot’s of lube.  When choosing a butt plug – or any sex toy for that matter – the most important part is proper fit, not getting the biggest thing you can.  We always recommend starting small.  That said, you really can’t go wrong with the amazing butt plugs and anal toys.

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