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From the Pleasure Cartel Sex Toy Blog!

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We’re re-branding our store from DivaCartel.com to PleasureCartel.com.     We’re doing it for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that we think the new name will help bring more amazing sex toys, more awesome orgasms, and as a result more peace, love and happiness to the world.

We began under the moniker DivaCartel.com as a sex toy store catering to gay men, but the more we looked at who was visiting our site and what kind of toys were being purchased, we decided to open the store to ALL men.   Ultimately sex toys don’t discriminate and sex toy’s designed for gay men are often the best general male sex toys on the market.   This is true of toys like Oxballs, Colt, and HUJ.   All are companies that market directly to gay men, but their toys are amazing for ALL men.

Please bear with us as we kick out the jams on this one, the toy will still flow.  And be sure to tell your bros about us!


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