What are the Best Sex Toy Cleaners?

Sex-y ED! The best ways to clean your Sex Toys

Most of us know that using improperly cleaned sex toys can lead to bacterial infections and STD’s, to name a few consequences, but as earlier stated, it’s not just the “users” that are at stake here. Certain motorized toys can develop battery corrosion and/or damaged motors when cleaned improperly (or worse, not at all).

If you’re reading this, you may be familiar with that horribly disappointing feeling you get when, after somehow finding the time for pleasure time, you also find that your toy, or even worse, YOU are out of commission because of something you did or didn’t do RIGHT. And yes, there is a right way to “do it” for each type of toy out there. I’m about to introduce you to some of the top-rated, most innovative sex toy cleansing solutions on the market today.

Let’s “dive in,” shall we?

If you’re using a toy with Cyberskin Material, which is known for having a life-like softness, the best product to use to clean it by far is Cyberskin Renew. Using this powder after cleaning your toy and letting it dry helps maintain Cyberskin‘s unique texture, making it feel like new every time. Bonus: It’s relativity inexpensive AND it has a convenient twist-off top so using it is fast and easy.

Swiss Navy Toy and Body

Swiss Navy products are all-in-one soldier-like solutions in that they fend off bacteria, fungus AND viruses. The Swiss Navy Toy and Body Spray takes that to the next level as it also easily removes water-based and silicone lubricants as well. It’s 3-step system (spray, rinse, air dry) makes this product extremely convenient, and to top it off, it has a fresh, clean smell and leaves no strange soapy or sticky feel on your toy, or on you!

Pipedream Toy Cleaner

Pipedream Toy Cleanser is well known for being a mild, yet effective disinfectant for all sex toy materials. It is alcohol and odor free, so it’s a great option to those of us who are even more sensitive in the nether-regions than most. It is recommended any batteries be removed from your toys before applying this cleanser, as rinsing is required afterward.

*As always, toys should be preferably air-dried after they are cleaned, as dust and lint (and who knows what) from the back of your naughty-drawer can counteract the cleaning process altogether.

Refresh Toy Cleaner

Also made by Pipedream (mentioned above) is Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. It is just as effective and gentle as the original product and you can get it for about $5.00/ounce on Amazon with free shipping. In it’s most popular form, the spray, one must simply spritz, wipe, and then rinse and dry one’s “special friend” aka, your toy. Stay clean, stay safe, and most of all stay REFRESHED as we “come” into the wonderful season of spring!

Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner

This product, again by Pipedream, get’s right down to the nitty-gritty and doesn’t waste time…even on a creative name! (Just kidding, Pipedream, we love ya!) This is a straight-forward product that follows true to it’s identity, ensuring that your toys are hygienically sound in a timely, yet mild fashion. It also has a surprisingly pleasing, light scent. Like many of it relatives, Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner comes in many forms, even in convenient, travel size containers for cleanliness and discretion on-the-go.

In a nut shell (tee-hee-hee) for the best experience for you and your sex toys, get a good cleaner like one of the many outstanding ones listed above and use it! Let’s put an end to irritation, and keep it clean after getting’ dirty. I promise, you’ll be SATISFIED that you did!