Best Luxury Vibrators

Our picks for the best luxury vibrators - rabbit vibrators, silicone, realistic & more.

2020 has seen luxury vibrator sales surge.  We get it.  There’s a lot of people staying at home and good sex toys are a mental and physical health necessity.   Here we’ve picked our favorite luxury vibrators for 2020. 

Some of the luxury vibrators below are classics, some are more avant garde, all are top of the line and luxe.  We’ve tried to pick a wide range of vibrators for people of all body types and pleasure styles.   All these are different, but all are top of the line and represent the best in quality for their particular style.   These are the best of the best and should take you to the next level of pleasure. 

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The Womanizer line of clitoris sex toys have, over the past couple years, become the goto sex toy for women wanting to take their pleasure game to the next level.  This the premium black & gold version, which is our favorite for aesthetic reasons.  But all the womanizer vibrators work the same.  They use air pulsing in and out to mimic the vibration of a classic sex toy.  The result is AMAZING, and easily makes these  little vibrators a top favorite. 

Le Wand vibrating massager is a futuristic take on the classic Hitachi Wand vibrator.   It has the same power with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from more modern vibrators – silicone, rechargeable, amazing!

Lelo is perhaps the most famous vibrator company in the world – know for making VERY luxurious sex toys.  The Liv 2 is their most iconic vibrator ever – upgraded.  It’s powerful enough to keep buzz queens happy and has enough extras to keep EVERYONE happy.  It’s silicone, totally waterproof ( yay!!!! ) and looks and feel amazing. 

Dame’s Arc Vibrator has their most powerful motor yet. . .and we couldn’t be happier.  This powerhouse of a vibrator looks deceptively simple – but fear not – the high-design aesthetic, the smooth texture and the GREAT hook at the end easily make it one of our favorite vibrators. 

Bam’s Rechargeable Bullet is a small and powerful vibrator, and one of our favorite discreet sex toys.  This is our favorite bullet vibrator – perfect for the purse or suitcase!  It comes in a number of colors, and there is a full line of mini-bullet vibrators available from VeDo as well.  Just search for VeDo Bullet in our search bar to see the whole range.

When you put the We Vibe vibrator in it is meant to go around both your G-spot and your clitoris at the same time – vibrating both into a spiraling frenzy.  And it works.  We are big fans of this vibrator style.  It’s next level and a great, body-aware sex toy that vibrates you right into The Zone.   

Additionally, the We-Vibe unite vibrator  is also considered a couple’s vibrator – put it in, lube it up, turn it on and it will give you intense vibrating sensations with every thrust.   

When thinking about the wide variety of vibrator styles available this day, we couldn’t help but consider the Mimi Soft.  This is a great toy for those that like a softer vibrating sensation.  Everyone is different and many people find the intense vibrations of a wand vibrator a little to much for their bodies.   This is the the Mimi Soft Clitoris vibrator and it’s great at delivering a soft touch to our sensitive areas. 

The Lelo Soraya 2 is the AMAZING redesign of Lelo’s legendary rabbit vibrator.   It features a handle which allows you to wield it with great control and spirit.  The little rabbit style extension will hit your clitoris while the curved end is specially designed to go straight onto you G-spot.   Totally waterproof, 12 functions, and more – The Lelo Soraya 2 is simply one of the best rabbit vibrators ever made.

Jimmyjane is another vibrator maker whose name has come to represent quality and innovation in sex toy design, their forms – like the Form 2 shown here – are some of the most forward looking vibrators currently available.  Silicone, rechargeable, waterproof – there’s A LOT to like in these crazy little sex toys.