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Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit Vibrators

Run yourself rampant with one of these amazing women’s sex toys. 

 A rabbit vibrator, originally called a ‘rampant rabbit vibrator’, is a classic vibrator with a small appendage at the base meant to stimulate the clitoris when you use them to get off.  While today’s rampant rabbit vibrators come in a wide variety of styles, traditionally this little appendage would be shaped like a small set of bunny ears.   Often, rabbit vibrators will have multiple motors.  For example, one to vibrate the rabbit ears, and another to move the rest of the vibrator.

Because rampant rabbit style vibrators are more complex, they are also often more expensive.   But if you can find a good one – and that means one that works well with YOUR body – they can take you to pleasure places beyond other sex toys.   We are BIG fans of rampant rabbit vibrators.  Rabbit vibrators are very popular women’s sex toys and we are happy to off a this great selection.   There’s a perfect rampant rabbit toy for everyone!

Rabbit Vibrators have an interesting origin story. They come from Japan.  There was a time when sex toys we’re outlawed in that country.  To get around such a crazy law, people would make vibrating little animal toys that doubled as women’s sex toys.

The rabbit vibrator has evolved quite a bit since then, as you can see from the many rabbit vibrators on this page.  There are a wide range of styles and shapes – all designed with one purpose in mind – send you to new levels of orgasmic pleasure!

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