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Men's Adult Toys

  • Men's Sex Toys

    Men's Sex Toys

    Men have as many, if not more options available when it comes to buying sex toys.   We carry a huge variety of men's sex toys at Pleasure Cartel. You can find men's sex toys for every taste and in every style.  There are toys to titilate every part of the male body:  Strokers, Cock Rings, Masturbators, Prostate Toys and more.…
  • Penis Growth & Enhancement

    Penis Growth & Enhancement

    Men have been wanting to grow, enlarge and enhance their dicks for time immemorial. In the modern age, sex toy makers have created a wide variety of products to do just that. Cock rings regulate the blood flow to the penis, making it extra hard. Penis Pumps tug on the cock until it swells and grows (and it feels awesome).…
  • Masturbators & Sex Dolls

    Masturbators & Sex Dolls

    Masturbators men's sex toys molded of various body parts.  You can find masturbator sex toys molded after breasts, vaginas, asses, legs, feet, hands and more.   There are a lot of different kinds.   While traditionally masturbators have been based on female body parts, we've seen a lot more variety over the past few years. While masturbators come in many shapes and…
  • Cockrings & Lassos

    Cockrings & Lassos

    Cockrings are some of the simplest, but most effective men's sex toys available. They fit around your cock, or your cock and balls, and help make your cock harder, your sex sessions last longer, and they make you cum harder.   We are HUGE fans of cockrings and recommend them for any man looking to up his penis game. Cockrings work…
  • Penis Pumps

    Penis Pumps

    This category contains all the penis pumps you could ever hope to find all in one convenient location and hand curated to include the best of the best in penile enhancement items. From full on, complete set ups to the more demure and pocket ready pieces, every penis pump in this category has been time tested as well as critic…
  • Prostate Stimulators

    Prostate Stimulators

    Those who have tried playing with prostate sex toys know that  stimulating the prostate can lead to extremely intense male orgasms. Those who haven’t tried, definitely should! It will change your sex life forever! Not only that, but some studies show that stimulating the prostate with sex toys is actually beneficial to prostate health. Win win!
  • Curve Mistress

    Curve Mistress

    This is Curve Toy's Mistress Collection. These are great men's sex toys, all based around different body parts, molded in Bioskin - a great, hyper-realistic sex toy material. They are life-size, look real, feel real and are VERY fun to play with. If you're looking for a solid men's sex toy - this is a good place to start. You…

New Men's Adult Toys

Women's Adult Toys

Shop Sex Toys for Every Occasion and Erogenous Zone

  • Women's Sex Toys

    Women's Sex Toys

    Women's sex toys are some of our favorite sex toys. Here you'll find MANY of them. From vibrators, to realistic dildos, rabbits, bullets, wands, clips and clamps, warming lubes and lotions, luxury sex toys and more. There is something here to please everyone. We have a HUGE selection of women's sex toys. Browse discreetly and order securely - you cannot…
  • Vibrators


    Vibrators are generally the core of anyone's sex toy collection.  Great for both men and women, adding a bit of vibration to your sex or masturbation session is a simple way to take it to the next level. There are a HUGE variety of vibrators and vibrating sex toys available.  If you've got a body part that can be stimulated, then a…
  • Stimulators & Mini-Vibes

    Stimulators & Mini-Vibes

    Stimulators are basically smaller vibrators and clitoris oriented sex toys.    They come in a huge variety - wired or wireless, some have remotes, some are high end silicone, and some are completely waterproof and meant for the hot tub or bath. The stimulators found here also cover a wide range of uses.  Some are meant for you alone and some…
  • Anal Sex Toys

    Anal Sex Toys

    For those un-initiated into the world of anal sex toys, let us be the first to welcome you.  If you’ve never used a butt plug – we recommend ordering one immediately. Start small, or get a set of anal toys with a number of different sizes and shapes - that way, you'll have options depending on how bold you are…
  • Dildos & Dongs

    Dildos & Dongs

    Dildos and Dongs come in all kinds of colors, sizes and textures. You can find smaller, 5" dildos all the way up to massive 12" dildos. We are particularly partial to realistic, flesh colored dildos, but you can really find all kinds. If you're just starting out we recommend a dildo or penis sex toy in the 7" - 7.5"…
  • Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit Vibrators

    Run yourself rampant with one of these amazing women's sex toys.  A rabbit vibrator, also called a rampant rabbit vibrator, is a classic vibrator with a small appendage at the base meant to stimulate the clitoris when you use them to get off.  While today's rampant rabbit sex toys come in a wide variety of styles, traditionally this little appendage would…
  • Realistic Dildos & Dongs

    Realistic Dildos & Dongs

    This amazing collection of realistic dongs and dildos are manufactured using the highest standards of safety and quality.   You will find every shape, style and skin color of realistic dildo - all reflective of the human body. There is a wide range of fat dildos, long, tall, short and more - many of them molded directly on the cocks of…

New Women's Adult Toys

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