With new advances in synthetic materials and molding techniques we’ve seen a massive array of dildos hit the sex toy market in the past few years.  People love them and they are AMAZING.

At Pleasure Cartel, we sell a huge variety of dildos in all sizes and a rainbow of colors.   You can find dildo collections from all the major sex toys makers.   

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Best Dildos in the World - King Cock
  • Dildos & Dongs

    Dildos & Dongs

    Dildos and Dongs come in all kinds of colors, sizes and textures. You can find smaller, 5" dildos all the way up to massive 12" dildos. We are particularly partial to realistic, flesh colored dildos, but you can really find all kinds. If you're just starting out we recommend a dildo or penis sex toy in the 7" - 7.5"…
  • Suction Cup Dildos

    Suction Cup Dildos

    Suction cup dildos are exactly what their name suggests - they are dildos with suction cups at the bottom to hold them in place.  You can stick them to tables, chairs, walls, showers, books, car seats. . .basically, wherever you have a smooth flat surface. An added benefit of suction cup dildos are that they can be used with strap on…
  • Realistic Dildos & Dongs

    Realistic Dildos & Dongs

    This amazing collection of realistic dongs and dildos are manufactured using the highest standards of safety and quality.   You will find every shape, style and skin color of realistic dildo - all reflective of the human body. There is a wide range of fat dildos, long, tall, short and more - many of them molded directly on the cocks of…
  • King Cock Dildos

    King Cock Dildos

    King Cock dildos are simply some of the best realistic dildos in the world.   They are made by Pipedream Products - a big sex toy maker from California - and they come in ALL shapes and sizes.    A quick look at this collection of King Cock dildos will show you the detail and design that goes into these luxury…
  • Icicles Glass Dildos

    Icicles Glass Dildos

    Pipedreams products have been a staple in millions of bedrooms across the world from adult film to the privacy of your own abode, there’s not a naughty corner of the developed world that this company’s thoughtfully designed products cannot be found. And in an increasing number of those corners there’s some pretty spectacular little pleasure tools called Icicles. Icicles is…
  • Avant Dildos & Anal Plugs

    Avant Dildos & Anal Plugs

    These are Avant Dildos and Anal plugs by Blush.  They are a huuuuge sex toy manufacturer with many different product line. AVANT dildos and butt plugs are their most luxurious. We LOVE how colorful they are and think they are as good looking as they are high quality. And they are solid sex toys. Blush calls their Avant collection Artisinally…

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