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Are you ready to amp up your pleasure? Discover the endless possibilities of men’s sex toys. From cock rings and strokers to prostate toys, butt plugs, and penis extensions – these specially-designed products can give your solo sessions a tantalizing touch.

So don’t settle for the same old handplay – let our store help you explore a new world of sexual gratification!

Discover the world’s best selection of men’s sex toys at Pleasure Cartel.

Our store offers an impressive variety of stimulating toys designed to please and satisfy you, solo or with a partner. Browse our collection and unlock endless possibilities for pleasure.

Men's Sex Toy Categories

Ultraskyn Men's Sex Toys

Introducing Ultraskyn: Doc Johnson’s superior range of men’s sex toys. Our store is proud to provide the highest quality male pleasure products, and these come highly recommended for the ultimate experience for men.

From the realistic feel of Ultraskyn material to its long-lasting durability, explore and enjoy all this collection has to offer.

Curve Mistress Men's Sex Toys

Curve Novelties’ Mistress Line is a top-tier selection of men’s sex toys, loved by customers and stocked in our store. They offer something special – realistic body parts to help you explore new realms of pleasure.

Our customers can’t resist these ultra-premium pieces, making them among the best-selling products on our site.

Sport Fucker

If you’re looking to take your pleasure game up a notch, few additions to your men’s sex toy collection will do the trick quite like a selection of cockrings and ball stretchers!

Sport Fucker creates some of the best quality products of its kind – beloved by both straight and homosexual males alike. Enjoy exploring these budget-friendly options for upgraded gratification!

Oxballs Men's Sex Toys

Oxballs specializes in creating exciting and imaginative sex toys for men, tailored for their unique needs. With bold, design-focused products ranging from cockrings to sounds, Oxballs has something to satisfy any man’s desires.

Each piece is crafted using carefully selected materials such as silicone or rubber and comes in a vibrant array of colors. There’s no limit to the pleasure you can experience with Oxballs!

Hey 19! Strokers

Hey 19! men’s sex toys offer an excellent option to take your solo pleasure sessions up a notch. Our simple, affordable strokers are modeled after gorgeous young women for maximum enjoyment.

With these products, you can move beyond the standard hand and experience truly unforgettable satisfaction.

Tenga Men's Sex Toys

Tenga offers a range of great men’s sex toys that are perfect for an enjoyable experience. These mini eggs-shaped devices provide direct stimulation to the most sensitive part of the penis, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a budget-friendly way to invigorate their pleasure.

Shop now and add these incredible products to your collection!

Hustler Sex Toys

Hustler, the renowned magazine for men, offers amazing sex toys crafted with the body molds of their models. The quality and affordability of these toys make it a great option for those starting out on their exploration of male sex toys.

You can trust Hustler’s products to look and feel indistinguishable from the real thing – allowing you an exciting solo experience that will leave you wanting more.

Swiss Navy Men's Lube

Swiss Navy is the go-to brand for men looking to explore their sexual desires. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or a straight man, they have something for everyone.

Their lube scome in various forms such as water based, flavored and silicone lubricants – all designed with comfort and pleasure in mind.

Strokers, Masturbators & Sex Dolls

Are you looking for a more intense and pleasurable experience in the bedroom?

Strokers and Masturbators are the perfect way to take your pleasure up a notch. They offer exceptional stimulation and an experience unlike anything you can get with just your hand, making them great for solo or couples play.

The latest materials used in men’s sex toys have opened up tremendous possibilities – from realistic textures that feel like the real thing to sex toys molded directly from the private parts of adult movie stars. Cyberskin, SexFlesh, FantaFlesh and Ultraskyn are all part of this revolution that is redefining male pleasure!

Strokers and Masturbators are an ideal choice for any man, offering a unique stimulation that can’t be matched by your hands alone.  Unlock sexual possibilities with one of these thrilling men’s sex toys – they’re bound to take your pleasure to new heights.