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ElectraStim ElectraPaddle Leather Electro Spanking Paddle

ElectraStim ElectraPaddle Leather Electro Spanking Paddle



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In stock

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Two-sided design – spank with the leather side then caress with the metal electro side to intensify the freshly spanked sensation!
Bring some electro-play magic into your bedroom bondage games with our first electro spanking paddle! This bi-polar beauty is crafted from smooth leather and features a trio of electrodes to escalate the impact of your sensory play.

You can use this bi-polar electrode as a uni-polar electrode to synchronise pleasure and pain like never before. Try spanking alongside an ElectraLoop cock ring, an anal sex toy or a vaginal probe for a play session to remember, or use ElectraPaddle with our ElectraStim Flick stimulators for rhythmic stimulation that matches the force of your swing.

We don’t recommend spanking with the metal plate side of the paddle directly as the contact with your skin will be too brief to work correctly.

Because the ElectraPaddle is double sided, you can flip it over and use the leather side to spank with as much force as you both design. Then, apply a little conductive gel to the area and ‘caress’ the skin with the metal side while the stimulatpor (sold separately) is turned on. This brings the blood even closer to the surface for a more pleasurable and lasting sensation of being spanked. With the combination of the warm impact site, the cold gel and then the intense stimulation of electro- this is spanking unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Please note: You will need some electroconductive gel to effectively conduct stimulation.

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Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 3.63 × 1.88 × 15.63 in

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