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JimmyJane Reflexx Rabbit 1

JimmyJane Reflexx Rabbit 1



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In stock

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Get two-for-one pleasure with the ultra-flexible Reflexx Rabbit 1 Vibrator. The unique u-shape design of the vibrator is more than just for looks — it hugs your pelvic region to deliver the perfect amount of pressure. Both your g-spot and clitoris will be simultaneously sent into overdrive each and every time you fire it up. Even better?

The vibrator’s dual, independently-controlled motors allow you to personalize your pleasure however you like it. Want to feel some intense, heavy pressure? Or are you more in the mood to take it light and slow? Either way, each vibrating motor features ten high-performing vibration modes, so you can tailor your sessions exactly how you want them.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. This vibrator takes it a step further with its enticing “warming mode.” After all, nothing’s worse than desiring some self-pleasure but getting hit with the unfriendly touch of a cold vibrator. Instead, the Reflexx Rabbit 1 warms up to just-above body temperature in minutes. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the (literal) warm embrace of your vibrator, even on the chilliest of days. It’s a new trend that’s proving to be quite the hit with vibrator users who are seeking to take their self-pleasure experiences to the next level.

If you’re wondering about the material, wonder no more. The Reflexx Rabbit 1 is designed with super soft and flexible phthalate-free, latex-free silicone. You can rest assured knowing your vibrator is free of toxic materials and is 100% body-safe. It’s always good to have this guarantee when using a product in such a sensitive area. Plus, it’s also rechargeable, meaning your days of worrying about replacing the batteries in your toys are long, long gone. After each use, simply charge it up before taking it for another spin.

Additional information

Weight 1.30 lbs
Dimensions 10.38 × 3.00 × 4.75 in

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