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Lulu Satin Touch – Pink

Lulu Satin Touch – Pink



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In stock

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Orgasm in style with the ultra-modern Lulu Satin Touch. Do you feel like your run of the mill vibrator just isn’t cutting it style-wise? Well, all that is about to change with this vibrant toy.

With its sensual satintouch shaft, you can cum with some class with this beginner vibrator. Moulded from smooth ABS, this sex toy comes with a unique Velvet-Cote (PU Cote) coating for a luxury finish, and even has silver plated accents to put some panache in your pleasure!

The simple one touch operation will have you cumming in seconds – no awkward dials on this sultry little device, just pop the little button and away you go! The powerful vibrationsadd to the experience, and the adult toy comes complete with an accurate pinpoint tip so you can direct the vibrator straight to your pleasure zones for intense orgasms.

The Lulu Satin Touch is discreet too – at only 5 inches long and 0.75 inches wide, you can carry it everywhere with you for those “orgasm on the go” moments when you simply can’t wait to get home. It is even dual speed, meaning you can build yourself up to that explosive orgasm slowly, teasing your clit on the lower setting before ramping it up to full throttle for the final burst of pleasure!

Use the Lulu Satin Touch with one of our water based lubricants for instant gratification.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 1.00 × 8.75 in

California, Exotic, Novelties


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