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Tenga Air Flip is a Great Fleshlight Alternative

Everyone loves the Fleshlight. It’s the best male sex toy in the universe and the most popular on the internet. If you don’t know what a Fleshlight is, we urge to check out the Fleshlight website and see.

But we often get asked to recommend Fleshlight alternatives. Because while the Fleshlight is the most famous male sex toy, we all like choices. In that vein, we present the Tenga Flip Air.

This smooth, light weight men’s sex toy is estimated for normal to big men and is a great Fleshlight alternative. The Tenga Flip has a single catch, air discharge switch permitting you to control wind current inside the masturbator sleeve.

Utilizing a basic catch control, you can make a custom, cozy fit or a thrilling vacuum. To begin, essentially open the Tenga Flip Air and drop in some lube. The side fold permits even provision of the grease along the shaft. The front fold serves to forestall ointment spillage. Shut the unit, sit back and start stroking yourself to heaven.

Novel surfaces inside the Tenga Flip Air give an assortment of stimulation focuses. The Continuous Orb close to the highest point of the Tenga Flip Air makes different, concurrent stimulation focuses. The Oval Stud in the center includes delicate stimulation good and done while the undulated sides tenderly pet and stick to your shaft.